Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Five Must Have iPad Apps That Every Marketer Should Download

The ultra high resolution retina display and a huge range of amazing applications, helps the new iPad to stand out as the best tablet available today. With the new updates like a new dictation feature and an enhanced camera on rear, the Apple's tablet has stolen every one's heart. Enriched with exceptional features, iPad helps users to utilize the various applications to ease their work.

With more than 250,000 iPad apps in the Apple's App store, a tremendous growth is seen in iPad application development industry. The mobile apps development companies are looking forward to cater to the different business verticals in order to suffice everyone's requirements. Moreover, apps designed for this tablet furnish the simplicity of carrying out the numerous tasks whether personal or professional.

Well, if you are a marketer and want to boost your skills through your tablet device, there are several imperative apps that can support you. Below, we have sorted out some of the major iPad apps that will be useful to you.

LinkedIn App (Free)

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For business development, marketers have to invariably grow new contacts and build network with people. With LinkedIn app, you can have access to the whole network of professionals to contact. The latest updates and messages help you in real time. With the latest version, you get the day's top headlines, tailored to your interests and the option to save any interesting article to read it later in the app.

Todo ($4.99)

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Running and promoting a marketing campaign successfully is never possible without proper organizing, scheduling and deploying the tasks and responsibilities. Todo does this skillfully as your personal planner. It helps you to carry out the things professionally while staying focused on your goals. Sync it with your iCal or Outlook calendars, schedule reminders and alerts, and also integrate your contacts for quick access.  

Evernote (Free)

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It marvelously carries out various functions just like your brain. This free, easy to use app remembers everything across the various devices you use. Help you to save your ideas and improves your productivity tremendously such that you prosper in your field. Moreover, letting you take notes, photos, create to-do-lists, and record voice reminders, it allows you to search your notes whether you are at home, office or on the go.

Bento ($9.99)

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Balancing your business and personal life is a great challenge. But, Bento can help you immensely. Similar to Todo, it helps you to organize contacts and customers. Moreover, it aids in tracking projects and planning events and meetings.  With the amazing 25 ready-to-use custom templates, you can use them either as Diet Log, Customer contacts, Events or List of things to do.

Analytics Pro ($5.99)

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Just on the way to meet a client, but alas! Forgot to print the latest analytics? No worries! As Analytics Pro can access your Google Analytics including all the other features you need on the go. Get summary statistics, visitors  and other details about each one including traffic sources through this app.  Thus, with ease you can generate all the reports and can have a successful meeting.

Well, these are some of the selected apps that our expert team think are very much useful that will surely help you to plan your day-to-day marketing goals. So, boost your marketing skills and enjoy the results.


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